The Highest IQ Ever Recorded In History

By Brian

Today I’d like us to look at the Highest IQ Ever Recorded In History, but first let’s take a look at what IQ refers to. (I know many of us have a rough idea but knowing what IQ really refers do won’t do us any harm :) )

The Highest IQ Ever Recorded: What Is IQ?

IQ is an abbreviation of Intelligent Quotient which refers to the ratio of the mental age (MA) to the chronological age (CA) multiplied by 100 i.e. IQ=MA/CA x 100.

The Highest IQ Ever Recorded: CA & MA

Chronological age refers to how old a person really is (in regard to their birthday) e.g. if you were born in 12th December 2012 then in 12th December 2013 you’ll be 1 year old. (more…)